RGM & Associates provides comprehensive governmental relations and public affairs services, focusing on one of the nation’s largest and most dynamic regional communities - the Seattle/Puget Sound Region. 

Founder Robert G. Minnott brings over 30 years of experience to bear, combining both the public and private sectors, on behalf of a wide range of clients whose needs require the attention of elected and appointed government officials.

Founder, Robert G. Minnott

Founder, Robert G. Minnott


"The Mariners have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with RGM."

-John Ellis, Chairman Emeritus, Seattle Mariners Baseball Club

“We at Pryde Corporation have successfully used RGM Governmental Relations repeatedly and will continue to do so"...

-Harry A. Pryde - former Chairman of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)

“RGM has been an active member of the Greater Seattle Chamber and brings specialized insight and trusted connections from his years of effective work in regional Governmental Relations.”

-Steve Leahy - past President Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce